Leizer Z. Goldsmith’s Background and Mission Statement

I grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1980, where I graduated from the University of Michigan’s residential college. While in Ann Arbor, I was also a taxicab driver for Ann Arbor Yellow Cab, a music reviewer for the Ann Arbor News, a record store clerk, and a disc jockey at WCBN radio and numerous clubs and private parties. During my subsequent years at Boston College Law School, I was a student intern at both the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute and the United Auto Workers headquarters. I settled in the Washington, D.C. area in 1988, when I began my legal career as an appellate litigator with the National Labor Relations Board, enforcing that Board’s orders pertaining to disputes between employees and their unions and management. I later represented a major national labor union and advocated for children and families in the Washington, D.C. child abuse and neglect system.

I love my practice representing employees and job applicants who have been wronged. Although I typically represent individuals and small groups of employees, I have observed that there are numerous workplace injustices that occur repeatedly, and that there are structural barriers to employment justice in the United States that need to be counteracted. Informed by that recognition, I have worked persistently through the years to earn my reputation for tireless advocacy on behalf of my clients in all facets of employment litigation, including developing the factual record, opposing employer motions for summary judgment, trying cases, and contesting issues on appeal when necessary. I hope and believe that by helping to obtain justice in my clients’ individual circumstances, I can do my small part to make the workplace more just.

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