“I have worked at other litigation firms over the years since working for Leizer. Simply put, Leizer is the best litigator I have ever met. He has a sincere commitment to his clients and always keeps their best interests in mind. He also has a brilliant and creative legal mind and an excellent insight into negotiating strategies. If I had an employment issue, I would not hesitate to retain Leizer as my attorney.” November 2, 2009

Kristen WalshAssociate, The Goldsmith Law Firm, LLC 
reported to Leizer at The Goldsmith Law Firm, LLC

Representative Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Leizer Goldsmith is an excellent attorney.”

“As a defendant, I came to Leizer after a former employer brought a suit alleging breach of fiduciary duty and tortious interference with a contract. We won the bulk of our case on summary judgment, and the balance of the case was dropped by the Plaintiff, avoiding a trial. Leizer always succinctly stuck to the facts and the law, but didn’t lose sight of the big picture. He made an extra effort to address my many questions and concerns along the way. Leizer’s motions and responses to Plaintiff’s counsel were consistently well researched, well written, and effective. At depositions, Leizer was well prepared, and obviously much more so than Plaintiff’s counsel. Had we not won on summary judgment and been forced to proceed with a trial, I’m sure that Leizer would have prevailed in any event.”

“When I called Leizer I was crushed job wise, morale wise, and had no prospects for the future. Over the course of years he was relentless in pushing my claim forward. In a complex three week long trial, Leizer was able to cross examine the witnesses for the government in such a manner that the truth was obvious. Leizer had a grasp of the evidence, and of how the evidence could be related understandably to the jury. It took a jury just 35 minutes to see the truth of the case. In the end the jury awarded 1.3 million dollars in damages in my case. But much more important was that Leizer was able to re-establish me as a man of honor and integrity, who was wronged. Over the course of the years Leizer became much more than just lawyer, he became and is friend and counselor.”  

“I would like to thank you for all your help in my legal matters concerning my former employer. When I first came into your office a few months ago, I believed that I had little chance of ever finding justice. I was a young, inexperienced, immigrant secretary with a short time on the job when I found myself subjected to treatment by my company’s owner that no one should have to deal with. It was living a nightmare that seemed to have no way out. You showed me that even money cannot protect the guilty. Every time we met to discuss my case you made me feel better. You gave me hope and you explained everything, telling me every option I had and answering any questions I asked. When my employer began to take action against me and I thought I should just drop the whole case, you reacted quickly and put an end to their illegal actions. When things happened that again scared me and made me sure that we could not win, you laughed and showed me how the opposite was true. And when I worried again and again about what all this might end up costing me, you made my worries go away by again explaining our contract and reminding me how much control I had over the whole case. I hope that I never have to rely upon the services of lawyers in a lawsuit again, because I realize how difficult it can be to stand up against rich and powerful people and demand justice. When I did need a lawyer though, I’m forever glad I found you to represent me. I cannot undo the terrible injustice I suffered, but with your help I can at least know that I forced my employer to take my accusation seriously and to pay for his disgusting actions.”

“Thank you. Best wishes!”

“…We were very impressed with the feedback you provided us during our initial consultation. The information and insight you gave was extremely useful…”

“…Your kindness has been sincerely appreciated. It is not everyday that you find people that believe in you. I thank you for doing that. May God keep and bless you and your practice. Amen…”

“…when my colleague needed help there was only one law firm that had the needed skills to handle problems she encountered: yours.”

“…I feel compelled to write a note of thanks. From the moment that I met with you regarding my difficult employment situation, I sensed that you were a rare breed of attorney. Having been wrongfully sued by my former employer is certainly traumatic. But, for the conclusion of the matter to be that they pay damages as a result of the mediated settlement, can be described as sweet success. Yet beyond thanking you for the successful outcome, I must thank you for the integrity of the process you utilized to gain our win. First, your caring attitude for my situation truly differentiated you from ever attorney I have used in the past. Second, your knowledge of employment and contract law kept research expenses minimized. Third, your strategic analysis of my case so to optimize our negotiating position focusced me on a realistic expectation for resolution of the matter. I greatly appreciate your process, which is a reflection of your personal integrity…”

“Leizer has been a great attorney for our family. He has been able to gain victories for an obscure civil case filed on our behalf that has been presented before the Maryland Supreme Court. He has an excellent track record of accomplishments defending the interests of his clients and should be on a very short list of attorney’s to call when legal advice is needed.”

“I won’t ever forget what you did for my wife”

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