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Anonymous Recommends Leizer Goldsmith

Leizer Goldsmith is an excellent attorney. 

As a defendant, I came to Leizer after a former employer brought a suit alleging breach of fiduciary duty and tortious interference with a contract. We won the bulk of our case on summary judgment, and the balance of the case was dropped by the Plaintiff, avoiding a trial.

Leizer always succinctly stuck to the facts and the law, but didn't lose sight of the big picture. He made an extra effort to address my many questions and concerns along the way.

Leizer's motions and responses to Plaintiff's counsel were consistenly well researched, well written, and effective. At depositions, Leizer was well prepared, and obviously much more so than Plaintiff's counsel. Had we not won on summary judgment and been forced to proceed with a trial, I'm sure that Leizer would have prevailed in any event.

– Anonymous


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