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BJM Recommends Leizer Goldsmith

“I would like to thank you for all your help in my legal matters concerning my former employer. When I first came into your office a few months ago, I believed that I had little chance of ever finding justice. I was a young, inexperienced, immigrant secretary with a short time on the job when I found myself subjected to treatment by my company's owner that no one should have to deal with. It was living a nightmare that seemed to have no way out. You showed me that even money cannot protect the guilty. Every time we met to discuss my case you made me feel better. You gave me hope and you explained everything, telling me every option I had and answering any questions I asked. When my employer began to take action against me and I thought I should just drop the whole case, you reacted quickly and put an end to their illegal actions. When things happened that again scared me and made me sure that we could not win, you laughed and showed me how the opposite was true. And when I worried again and again about what all this might end up costing me, you made my worries go away by again explaining our contract and reminding me how much control I had over the whole case. I hope that I never have to rely upon the services of lawyers in a lawsuit again, because I realize how difficult it can be to stand up against rich and powerful people and demand justice. When I did need a lawyer though, I'm forever glad I found you to represent me. I cannot undo the terrible injustice I suffered, but with your help I can at least know that I forced my employer to take my accusation seriously and to pay for his disgusting actions. Thank you. Best wishes!”



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